oh hi tumblr???

hi guys~ omfg its been a whiiiile right? to all the people who are still following me; i‘m really sorry for not updating my tumblr for like 1 freaking year. life has been (still is tbh) a bitch and i just decided to stop blogging for a „short“ time bc idk i just got pissed off at everything and i just had 0 motivation to do anything (i also stopped drawing, dancing and other things i loved to do). well that „short time“ turns out to be over a year.
wow i really really miss tumblr… especially editing and the ppl

in this post i‘ll tell you guys what i‘ve been up to~

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i miss tumblr so much omfg

and to all the ppl who are still following me: im so sorry srsly

but my life’s being a mess lately

but i will be back


i am so sorry

Jongin’s Kiyomi ♡